Friday, 3 June 2016

Mike Harding live at Buxton, 1982
Nearly 3 hours of side-splitting humour and song.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Eco-building and Kevin McCloud

Earth-sheltered house in Brittany, loads of recycled materials and stuff from on site:

Kevin McCloud - One Man and His Shed.
think ManLab, with Scrapyard Challenge, Victorian Farm, The Good Life... and just a bit of Grand Designs! very first, 23rd Sept 2012 (explosives to split timber, biodiesel from fatbergs for light, making shingles, bark beer) 30 Sept 2012 (metal safe to woodburner using a thermic lance, making glass from sand, floor from milk, subsoil, chalk, hair and straw, animal (rabbit skin) glue) 7 Oct 2012 (the biodigester, reclining chair from tractor parts and scrap from magnetic canal fishing, leather making and tanning with a difference, cornflour bed? willow bed, poo party 14 Oct 2012 (jet engine hot tub, alpaca fleecing and bathrobe nmaking, drop down veranda) 29th Sept 13 penultimate last

play the lot:

More info on the Channel 4 Scrapbook -

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Sarah Phillips singing

This is the song by Paolo Nutini that she sang movingly at her mum's funeral

And this is her latest beautiful song, written by Terra Naomi

Proceeds from sales go to researching cervical cancer - see

Tim Minchin sings

Oh, the Rat Race!

Join the un-rat race - live 'below the salt'

Evo proposes a global referendum on real solutions for climate change

During his presentation at the UN Climate Conference, President Evo Morales Ayma of Bolivia proposed a global popular referendum that would tackle the root causes of climate change. Below are the questions he proposed.
1) Do you agree with re-establishing harmony with nature while recognizing the rights of Mother Earth?
2) Do you agree with changing this model of over-consumption and waste that the capitalist system represents?
3) Do you agree that developed countries reduce and re-absorb their domestic greenhouse gas emissions so that the temperature does not rise more than 1 degree Celsius?
4) Do you agree with transferring all that is spent in wars to protecting the planet and allocate a budget for climate change that is bigger than what is used for defence?
5) Do you agree with a Climate Justice Tribunal to judge those who destroy Mother Earth?

Me, I'll stick to two wheels on the ground...

Cyclist Danny MacAskill on the streets, rails, fencing, architecture, etc of Edinburgh...

Environment Friendly

You can be:
Dog Friendly = friendly to dogs
Child Friendly = friendly to children
User Friendly = friendly to users
Customer Friendly = friendly to customers
Environmentally Friendly = Friendly to the Environmentally
Come off it! The phrase is 'Environment Friendly'.

Have a think about it on the loo...

Test your reactions...

Housing Crisis? What Housing Crisis?

Why do we need more houses in the UK? Why are house prices sky-high, and unaffordable by essential workers? Why do kids, old enough to move out, stay at home and spend their quite reasonable earnings on booze and cars? Why are more elderly people living on their own, necessitating carers to drive round in cars? Why are cars so necessary?
I'm sure if you add up all the bedrooms in the country, you'd find a surplus.
Surely, if people opted for sharing their homes, or move into shared homes, we could instantly get more accommodation. Young people can share, old people can share, mixed ages can share. Single households generate more waste per head. Single households need more heating energy per head. It's hard work maintaining a house on your own, especially if you need to work, or if you're elderly.
Government specs for new developments aim to cram them in - great for squeezing them onto brownfield sites, but pathetic for gardens, which are breathing spaces, places for drying clothes, composting waste, growing food, appreciating nature.
Shared housing shares burdens and costs, provides company, provides security, provides care when you're down. People in shared housing find they can afford to work part-time; they can downsize on their personal material comforts, upsize on their social and shared comforts.
Divorce is another issue - I blame lack of conversation in this busy-busy-busy lifestyle. The more you have, the more you have to look after - so cut it out. Axe telly-time, talk. And don't dream of winning the lottery - it won't happen, and any charity will benefit more by direct donation. If you've got a dream, work towards it - dreaming won't help!
In a large group, you can have babysitters, granny-sitters, dog-minders, specialists, and hearty entertainment - jam-sessions if you're musically minded! And how many cars do you need? Not many.